Our Students Say:

  • 1
    We believe in hard work. We expect only the best.
  • 2
    This is the place to be when trying to break into the multimedia industry.
  • 3
    The POD...enough said.
  • 4
    The teachers don't just instruct. They try to guide you to your future career.
  • 5
    We are Chuck Norris approved.
  • 6
    We can draw on the walls!!
  • 7
    The force is strong with this school. The midi-chlorian count of the instructers is off the charts!

Video Game Design

Brian Dixon

The Game Design and Simulation program is the place to be. We combine 3D modeling with practical understanding of game programming and mechanics. I am looking for people who want to learn quickly and then go work in the industry. If you are up for a fun challenge, then I will see you in class!


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