• Simulation and Game Design Program Approved

    The Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board approved SAU Tech's new program emphasis in Simulation & Game Design under the AAS in Multimedia Technology degree on Friday. This new emphasis replaces the Wed Design emphasis and opens a pathway for students in 3D design in such career fields as architecture, military simulation programs, health-related fields, and game design applications among others.

  • Super Retriever Series

    October 31 through November 4th - Steve will be taking a team of students to Huntsville, Alabama to work with a production company for the Super Retriever Series (ESPN & Outdoor Channel). This is our second year working this event.

  • Networking Trip

    October 15 through 17 - Steve Taylor will be traveling to Austin, Texas with a student to meet with several producers and actors. This is a networking trip.

  • Film Festival

    October 14 through 20 - We'll once again have a small group of students working for the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. This will be our 14th year to work with this group. They will work directly with producer Courtney Pledger.

  • Arkansas Video Project

    October 10, 11, 13 - Steve Taylor will be taking a dozen students to work on a large video project for the state of Arkansas (Arkansas Insurance Department). We've brought on a very talented director and professional actors to work with us. Steve will be producing this piece that will go online to "train the trainers".

  • Out of Ashes

    September 28 - We have five students going to northeast Arkansas for three weeks working on a micro budget feature film entitled, "Out of Ashes".

  • Short Film

    September 27 - We have half a dozen students in central Arkansas working on a short film. This is a three day shoot with some of Arkansas's most talented and respected film community members including the 2nd AD from the Tom Cruise movie, "Oblivion".

  • Wicked

    September 23-25. We have almost a dozen students working at Robinson Auditorium in Little Rock setting up for the Broadway show, "Wicked".

  • New Gaming Program

    The new Game Design and Simulation program is underway this fall. This semester, students are learning web based game development principles and 3D modeling.